Who supports the platform

Which Candidates Have Committed to Fight Poverty in Our City?

Map by Sean Marshall, seanmarshall.ca

The Prosperity Platform pledge has been signed by most of the well-known candidates in the October 22 election. Mayoral candidates who have endorsed are Kevin Clarke, Sarah Climenhaga, Saron Gebresellassi, Jennifer Keesmaat, Gautam Nath, Joseph Osuji, Josh Rachlis, George Knia Singh, and John Tory (incumbent).

The interactive map above allows voters to find out which candidates for Councillor in their ward have signed (as of October 19, 2018). To use the map:

Click on any ward.
Not sure of your ward? Click on the “view larger map” icon in the upper-right corner of the map to open a full-screen version, then click on the magnifying glass next to the map title and search by your address or postal code (a red pin point will appear in your ward).

View the list of candidates who signed a pledge in the popup that appears.

Click on the image of child and family poverty rates by census tract to enlarge it.
A recent study by a coalition of community agencies found that pockets of child and family poverty exist in every single ward in Toronto.

Click on the “Video” link (in wards 1, 3, 8, 15, and 20) to hear a resident  discuss what the Prosperity Platform means to their community. You’ll find videos in wards 9 and 14 of faith leaders discussing poverty reduction and food waste.
You can also watch selected videos below.

The 133 candidates who have signed the Prosperity Platform pledge (full list here) have taken an important first step towards reducing child and family poverty in our city.

If there are candidates in your ward who didn’t sign the Prosperity Pledge, ask them why, and tell them, “I am voting for prosperity—better jobs, transit, housing, child care and services—for all!”

What Does the Prosperity Platform Mean to Communities?

We asked residents from selected wards what the Prosperity Platform means to them. Here are some of their stories.

Aaleem Mohammed:

“The youth are changing in all sorts of ways /
They need leaders that support their pains”

Spoken word by Aaleem Mohammed

Sarah Ali:

“Prosperity Platform means to me affordable childcare…, because we are trying to raise the future generation that’s gonna make a difference in this world.”

Video by Saroja Ponnambalam, Social Planning Toronto

Heather O’Neil:

“We have many, many people who are looking for affordable housing, which is unavailable.”

Video by Saroja Ponnambalam, Social Planning Toronto

Mohiuddin Shah Golam:

“The residents of the community, they have not enough money, they cannot afford transit fares.”

Video by Saroja Ponnambalam, Social Planning Toronto

Afroza Begum:

“Everyone needs food and nutrition. Then people will be more settled psychologically and be healthy.”

Video by Saroja Ponnambalam, Social Planning Toronto