Ukash for Canadians

The Canadian online and mobile casinos continue to grow in popularity. Playing casino games remotely or from you home computer allows players to experience the full thrill of playing casino games for real money without having to actually make your way to a land based casino. Before beginning to play, the player must first deposit money into his casino account.

There are many different Canadian payment methods for players to use when depositing and withdrawing money from your casino account. Each method comes with its own advantages as well as drawbacks. Read some of the many online review sites that detail the different methods available before finding one that suits you best.

Your online casino will also provide details on the pros and cons of using different Canadian banking options including which are the safe payment methods to focus on and any additional charges that you need to pay. Some methods only allow you to deposit money, while others offer the option of both depositing and withdrawing.

Some methods have a fee attached and others are free of charge. There may also be a lengthy delay between the request made to withdraw money and the actual time it takes for the transaction to be completed.

These are some of the different factors to take into consideration before choosing your payment method. One of the best overall payment methods that comes highly recommended by both players and casinos alike is the Ukash payment method.

The Ukash Payment Method

Ukash is a cash payment card that enables you to use cash to shop or make any online transactions without the need for a debit or visa card. You simply exchange your cash for a Ukash card and you are ready to begin.

Players can purchase a Ukash voucher at either a convenient retail location or even via the internet. The Ukash voucher consists of a 19 digit PIN code that is ready to be used immediately.  The voucher can be used both to make online purchases and to fund an online or mobile account. The voucher will detail the amount of money on the card as well as the currency of the Ukash voucher that has been purchased and an expiry date (a Ukash voucher automatically expires after 12 months).

Using a Ukash voucher is the perfect solution for the customer who does not have a bank account or credit cards at his disposal, or the customer who does not want to risk disclosing his personal and bank details online.

Using Ukash is a secure and convenient online banking solution. Ukash also works with leading retailers and companies all over the world, and is widely available for purchase in over 50 countries around the world.

Advantages of Using Ukash at a Canadian Casino

There are many advantages to using the Ukash voucher for your casino banking. It is simple and easy to access as it is sold in many different locations and it is also available online. Because it is bought in cash there is no access to the player’s personal details or bank account, there is in fact no need to even own a bank account.

A further advantages of using Ukash as a payment method is that there is no fee levied for using or purchasing the Ukash voucher. In addition, there is no need to constantly verify card details at the casino every time you use it.

As a casino banking option, Ukash is a secure banking method as there is never a need to divulge any personal details or information. An additional advantage of using the Ukash voucher is that it makes certain that the players never go above their credit limit.

A further great feature of the Ukash voucher system is the option of splitting up the voucher into two different payments. Before beginning to play, the player can detail the amount of money that he wishes to deposit into the casino, and the money that remains will then be transferred into a new voucher that can be used at a different time and even at a separate location.


The money on your Ukash voucher is available instantly whenever you may need it and there is no need to wait around for your money to upload from a bank or a credit card. Players at Canadian online and mobile casinos will find that Ukash is convenient, flexible and perfectly safe to use for their gaming enjoyment.